CrossFit German Throwdown 2024 - Classic | Date: 05. & 06. October 2024 | Location: Halle 45, Mainz


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German Throwdown as a Marketing Plattform

The German Throwdown is your opportunity to showcase your product to our athletes and spectators. It’s increasingly challenging to reach the right audience on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Costs are rising, yet there is no guarantee that a potential customer will experience your product the way it should be experienced.

This year, we again anticipate a sold-out event with 4,500 attendees at the CrossFit® German Throwdown Classic 2024.

That’s more than 4,500 chances to directly interact with your target audience and provide them with the opportunity to experience, touch, try out, and purchase your product.

Thus, the German Throwdown offers an efficient platform to engage with our community, not only digitally but primarily through personal experience.

Additionally, we have an impressive online reach within our community, with more than 140,000 individuals reached on social media and over 80,000 views on our 2023 livestream.

Partnerships with the GTD can be tailored in various ways, from an exhibitor booth to sponsorship opportunities, where attendees can directly associate the GTD experience with your brand.

We’re happy to assist you with custom solutions that fit your business model.Please feel free to email us at any time.

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CrossFit® German Throwdown Classic

Individual Qualification

28.06. - 15.07. 2024

Team Qualification

26.07. - 12.08. 2024


05. & 06. October 2024

Event Location

Halle 45, Mainz, Germany

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