NEXT EVENT: German Throwdown 2019 Finals | 9. & 10. Nov | Halle45 | Mainz


Team Qualification: 19.07. to 05.08.

Indy Qualification: 23.08. to 09.09.


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All information can be found on Competition Corner.

Online Qualification


In July the official online qualification of the German Throwdown Classic 2019 will begin.

Over a stretch of a few weeks your fitness will be tested abroad modal domains: Strength, endurance and coordination to name a few. If you are one of the athletes be ranked high in your leaderboard you are officially qualified for the Final in November.

All information can be found on our registration website here shortly.

GTD Classic

Online Qualification

Team Qualification: 19.07. to 05.08.2019

Indy Qualification: 23.08. to 09.09.2019

Registration starts on April 17th 2019


November 9th & 10th 2019

Ticket sales start on April 24th 2019

Event Location

Halle45 | Mainz | Germany

CrossFit® German Throwdown

Online Qualification

Date: To be announced

Registration starts on Nov 11th 2019.


March 28-29 2020

Ticket sales start on Nov 11th 2019

Event Location

Arena Halle | Berlin | Germany

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