NEXT EVENT: German Throwdown 2019 Finals | 9. & 10. Nov | Halle45 | Mainz

Tickets for the German Throwdown 2019

On November 9 & 10 the final of the German Throwdown 2019 will be held in Mainz for a fourth time. 

280 international athletes will be fighting over the crown of Germany’s Elite Fitness Competition. You will be able to spectate non-stop high-level CrossFit over the two days from Games and Regional athletes.

Our food court will provide you with great food choices ranging from burger, sweet potato Fries to coffee specialties and sweets, including vegetarian and vegan food choices. 

Be prepared for an amazing atmosphere of our arena with our resident DJ boosting the crowd with the latest tunes.

Always looking for a chance to try out and feel your CrossFit products and tired of shopping online? Be sure to grab your wallet to make use of our fantastic vendor village with over 30 companies presenting the latest innovations and always need CrossFit stuff.

Grab your ticket early, as we were sold out in 2017 and 2018.


All prices incl. VAT excl. Eventbrite service charge excl. payment method transaction fee.

Early Bird Price (limited number):

16,90€ One-Day Ticket

25,90€ Weekend Ticket

Regular Price:

22,90€ One-Day Ticket

34,90€ Weekend Ticket

On-Site Price:

25€ One-Day Ticket

40€ Weekend Ticket

Group discount > 10 people: 10%

(Tickets are valid for one person only and can only be used once. Children under 12 have free access. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There will be no refund.)


We are excited to have you!



How do I get to the venue by public transportation and are there parking spots available?

Just outside the venue there is a “R-Bahn” station, a “Stadtbahn” station and a bus station. The name of the station is: “Zwerchallee / Halle 45”.

There are 500 parking spots availabe. This will not be enough, so please use public transportation to get to the venue.


How do I get in contact with the organizer?

If there are any questions simply send us an email to info@germanthrowdown.de.


Are refunds possible?

Unofortunately there is no possbility of a refund.

GTD Classic

Online Qualification

Team Qualification: 19.07. to 05.08.2019

Indy Qualification: 23.08. to 09.09.2019

Registration starts on April 17th 2019


November 9th & 10th 2019

Ticket sales start on April 24th 2019

Event Location

Halle45 | Mainz | Germany

CrossFit® German Throwdown

Online Qualification

Date: January 10th - January 27th 2020

Registration starts on Nov 11th 2019.


March 28-29 2020

Ticket sales start on Nov 11th 2019

Event Location

Arena Halle | Berlin | Germany

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