CrossFit German Throwdown 2023 - Classic | Date: 18. & 19. November 2023 | Location: Halle 45, Mainz

You couldn't get a ticket at the official start of the sale?


How to get tickets:

Q: Why will tickets be available again later?

A: Due to the postponement of our event in 2020, there was a quota of tickets that was assigned to the ticket buyers from last year. However, we still receive returns from this quota, which means that ticket availabilities are free again.

Q: When will the tickets be activated again?

A: We collect the returns every week and put the freed-up contingent back on sale on Mondays.

Q: How do I find out that tickets are available again?

A: We communicate this via newsletter and in our Instagram story. The best thing to do is to register for our newsletter, then you definitely don’t miss it.

Q: Where will the tickets be available?

A. Regularly in our ticket shop. 

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