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Team Qualifier Question & Answer

In this blogpost we will answer frequently asked and important questions concerning the German Throwdown Classic 2019 Team Qualifier.


Q: Are the workouts to be done individually or as a team?

A: The workouts will be done individually. So, you can be at different places to do the qualifier. You just need to make a strategic decision, which athlete does which workout or which variation of a workout.


Q: How many workouts have to be done?

A: Over the two-week span from 19.07. – 05.08. the team has to do a total of 4 different workouts. Each athlete does one workout per week.

So, you will have different workouts per week. However, one workout each week will have two variations. E.g. one is a triplet with 3 rounds and the other variation is a chipper.

In the end the captain needs to make the critical decision who is going to do which workout.


Q: What is the difference between Elite and Intermediate Team?

A: Elite Team is appropriate for athletes who are strong enough for competition rx’d weights and gymnastic movements (75+/50+kg barbell movements, muscle-ups etc.), as well as a high-volume competition. Intermediate Team is reduced in weight, skills and volume (50+/35+ kg barbell, no muscle-ups etc.).  So, if you are a renowned competition athlete, look no further than Elite. If you are just starting out with competitions, then Intermediate should be applicable for you.


Q: Will both divisions perform the whole weekend?

A: Yes, both divisions will have workouts on Saturday and Sunday after the sign-in on Friday. Saturday will be a full day of competition, while on Sunday there will be a cut before the final.


Q: What are the exact dates and deadlines for the Team Qualifier?


Release Wod 1&2: Friday 19.07. 12.00h, Deadline Monday 29.07. 17.59h

Release Wod 3&4: Friday 26.07. 12.00h, Deadline Monday 05.08. 17.59h

Sign-Up until 25.07. 23.59h