CrossFit German Throwdown 2022 - Classic | Date: 12. & 13. November 2022 | Location: Halle 45, Mainz

Ticket Sale for the CrossFit® German Throwdown Classic 2021 starts on Sunday 12 noon!


We will only have a very limited amount of tickets available, since tickets from our March 2020 event are valid for this event too. 

Ticket owner of 2020: You have received an email for your new tickets. 

Voucher owner: Everybody that requested a voucher, got an email with their voucher codes.

❗️Please check your spam! 

 Covid regulations apply for the CrossFit® German Throwdown Classic 2021, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Our goal is to have the greatest experience possible for Athletes, Spectators, Volunteers and our Brand Partners. Under the current regulation this is only possible with a so-called „2G“ event, that means only vaccinated or recovered people are allowed to enter. This way, we can offer the full experience with over 4000 spectators over the weekend and even without masks or social distancing. As the ticket sales will start on Sunday, only vaccinated and recovered spectators may buy tickets to the event. Therefore we unfortunately can’t let not immunized people enter the venue. If there is any easing of the regulations we will apply it immediately.

The same goes for the athletes – sadly we can generally only have vaccinated and recovered athletes at the competition. We have a small amount of not-immunized athletes that we can accept to the competition. All athletes and teams received an email with further information.

Kids under 12 will not be required to be vaccinated and they are receiving tickets for free.

Are you ready? #earnit