Postponed: CrossFit German Throwdown Finals | TBA | Arena Halle | Berlin

Max Schneider is going to be the new Competition Director at the German Throwdown

At the beginning of the year I made a decision. Max Schneider will be added to our team as Competition Director. He’s also going to be the new Head Judge.

In 2016 and 2017 I tried to not only manage the competition in general, but I also tried to be the Director. Gregor Schregle helped me out a lot since the beginning, especially with programming the right workouts. But I needed someone that concentrates fully on the competition on the finals weekend.

I am very confident to have made the right choice with Max. He’s a very experienced Director, Head Judge, Box owner and CrossFitter.

Benedict Gebhardt
Managing Director

Q&A with Max

To introduce Max I asked him a few questions about him and CrossFit:

Benedict: Tell us something about you.
Max: I made my hobby my profession – I am someone that lives and breathes CrossFit.

B: When did you start with CrossFit?
M: I already started in fall 2010 with CrossFit.
B: What’s your CrossFit Background?Was ist Dein CrossFit Background?
M: I found CrossFit on YouTube in 2010 and started to do it at a “Globe Gym”. I then started doing it once per week on a local sports field with a few friends.
They motivated me to start my own box and that’s why I made my Level 1 in Basel in 2011 and started my Box in 2012.
B: For how long do you direct competitions?
M: I manage and judge competitions since 2012.
B: How are you going to prepare for the German Throwdown?
M: Many month in advance I start looking into the competition and start planning a optimal finals weekend in interaction with the GTD Team.
B: What are your priorities on the event weekend on November 3 & 4?
  1. Test – the fittest athlete must win
  2. Show – the spectators must have the chance to follow the competition
  3. Community – to offer the German CrossFit Community an amazing Weekend to come together and celebrate our passion.

Quick Questions

Snatch or C&J? Snatch

Cardio, Gymnastic or Strength? Cardio

Run, Row oder Bike? Run

B: The last word goes to you.
M: Let’s get it going!

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