CrossFit German Throwdown 2021 - Semifinal | Date: June 18-20 | Location: TBA

Information concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Status 20.04.2020 – CrossFit German Throwdown Finals is being postponed

Wow, who would have thought that?

Until the end of February everything was going great. The qualifiers were done, all athletes were registered and motivated, our planning was going great and we were ready to have a fantastic event.
Then: Coronavirus and the global pandemic came and brought everything to a hold. Including a postponement to the latest date possible, two weeks before the Games.

The German government now loosened the restrictions, but made the announcement that all big events are forbidden until at least the end of August. Though, a definition of big events is to be made by each state individually and the state of Berlin wants to wait until April 26th to make that definition.

However we don’t think it makes sense nor is it responsible to wait another 9 days, therefore we want to let you know that we cannot hold on to the July weekend.

At this very moment we cannot tell you what the alternatives are, we need time to gather information to make the best decision.
It is a tough time for all of us. Boxes are closed, pretty much every company is struggling, people are on reduced working hours or lost their jobs. To us it is no different situation.

As our preparations already were 11 months underway and had to pay multiple partners including the venue, we are in a very tough financial situation.
When we announced the first postponement we offered full refunds for the people who couldn’t make it in July, while everybody else tickets remained valid. A lot of people used this option and we will continue to refund these people.

Now: All tickets will still remain valid to the next new date, however we need to use the change in law by the German government to issue gift cards instead. This gift card then will be valid for all future events.

Nothing changes for athletes. You will all keep your spot for the next date. If you decide to give up your spot you can get a full refund. We will communicate details about that process via email.

We will follow with more detailed information as soon as possible.

Some positive outlook: We definitely hope to run the Classic in November as always.



Spectator Tickets

Will my ticket remain valid for the new date (TBA) of the CrossFit German Throwdown Finals?

Yes, the ticket remains valid in the respective category and on the respective days. No new ticket will be issued.

How can I convert my ticket into a voucher?

Please fill in the conversion form provided here and send it to info@germanthrowdown.de. Please note that the conversion must be received by us by May 31st and only the original buyer can do that.

You can find the conversion form here: https://germanthrowdown.de/voucher-tickets-formular/

Until when can I convert my ticket that I bought for the CrossFit German Throwdown?

Ticket conversions can be made until May 31st, 2020. Please note that no further conversions can be made after this date.