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The German Throwdown

German Throwdown stands for the elite fitness competitions in Germany.

We organize two events per year the CrossFit® German Throwdown and the German Throwdown Classic.

The CrossFit®GTD is an official part of the CrossFit®Games Season, as the winners of the Male, Female and Team divisions receive an invite to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

The GTD Classic is a very inclusive event offering divisions to many different age groups and skill levels. We have Master as well as Teen divisions, but also Intermediate divisions for the “not-on-the-elite-level-yet” athletes.

Ever since its inaugural year in 2014 it has always been a community and fitness festival giving athletes and spectators a weekend to unite and celebrate their sport and now we are excited to represent the German speaking countries in the CrossFit® Games season.

Both events are open to any athlete worldwide that is looking for a good challenge and only requires a minimum of equipment. They both are two-stage competitions starting with an online qualifier. The top athletes will then qualify for the event.

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GTD Classic

Online Qualification

Team Qualification: 19.07. to 05.08.2019

Indy Qualification: 23.08. to 09.09.2019

Registration starts on April 17th 2019


November 9th & 10th 2019

Ticket sales start on April 24th 2019

Event Location

Halle45 | Mainz | Germany

CrossFit® German Throwdown

Online Qualification

Date: January 10th - January 27th 2020

Registration starts on Nov 11th 2019.


March 28-29 2020

Ticket sales start on Nov 11th 2019

Event Location

Arena Halle | Berlin | Germany

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